Don’t Be Afraid to Return Your Lease

It’s easy to see why lessees have been conditioned to fear the lease return process. Whether they’re endeavoring to return their car early or on time, it’s very possible that they’ll be subject to costly fines and penalties. works hard to make the lease return process as easy and affordable as possible for our customers. We don’t believe that returning your lease should result in needless and costly penalties. Contact our experienced and qualified leasing agents at 646-358-4205to learn more about your options for returning your car or truck lease. We will help you determine your best course of action.

Common Lease Return Fees

Customers often face a wide range of fees and penalties when it comes to return their auto lease. does everything we can to keep these costs down to help our customers walk away saving their money and time. Some of the more common expenses associated with the lease return process include, but are not limited to: • Disposition Fee (Clean-up, wear-and-tear repair, etc.) • Mileage Penalties • Early Lease Termination Fee • Outstanding Taxes • And More In order to avoid these fees, it is recommended that lessees regularly maintain their cars, keep them clean and stay within their allotted mileage amounts every month.

Navigating the Lease Return Process

When you return your or truck lease, the leasing company will thoroughly inspect the condition of the vehicle to assess condition any wear-and-tear issues and mileage to make sure you didn’t go over. If the car is found to be in agreeable condition, the lessee may be able to walk away without incurring any additional penalty. A disposition fee is usually due when the leased vehicle is returned; this can be between $200 and $500 (the exact amount will be specified in your contract). Contact at 646-358-4205 to learn more about your rights and responsibilities during the lease return process.

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